Jump start your day with these super breakfast ideas and get through a work week bright and breezy !!

Mornings are usually rough. All of us hit that snooze button often one too many times, gulp down an extra cup of coffee to get us going and then rush out of the house before even thinking about breakfast to fuel our day. Only a few of us are stickler for an orderly breakfast and wouldn’t leave home without some fiber in their systems.

Breakfast is all important. It kick starts your metabolism and delivers nutrients and carbs you need so badly first thing in the morning after a 10 hour hiatus. Still looking for a more thoughtful reason to eat a hearty breakfast each morning!!. You must understand that this fast breaking habit helps to  reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes. Those settling for measly morsel are 21 percent more likely to have type-2 diabetes in their lifetimes. It’s equally important to understand that what you eat for breakfast is just as important as whether you eat. Carbohydrates, proteins, fat… all have a vital role to fit in our breakfast.

Not all carbs are created equal. There are carbs that spike your blood sugar levels regardless when you eat them. Then there are the healthy ones that give you energy for longer period of time without hurting you. These are the breakfast eats that rally behind you. So, learn to plan your breakfast and include fat, protein and healthy carbs in your menu. The combination has amazing gastronomic value and the experience will keep you feeling happy and full without flirting with your blood sugar levels.

Here’s to few awesome healthy ideas;

Cheap and healthy: Eggs are the best

Eggs are inexpensive, go easy on your GI tract and can be cooked in any number of ways. Hard-boiled, poached, or scrambled, these miracle orbs are the perfect morning eats.

Eggs are a rich and complete source of protein and contain nutrients such as betaine and choline, which contribute to cardiac health. A single egg locks in vitamins such as B-2 (to ease food assimilation and turn it into energy), B-12 (to help in producing red blood cells), A (to improve eyesight), and E (to aid in preventing cell damage that could turn cancerous). The popularity of the eggs just doesn’t ends here. These amazing spheroids bookmark their presence on our menu list more importantly because of their ability to double up as a whole meal. Immensely popular with health freaks, egg leaves a lot of room for creativity and for squeezing in as many healthy ingredients as one likes.

Although omelets are one of the healthiest breakfast foods and work out as a wholesome breakfast, they often end up unintentionally with a lot more calories added to them than necessary.

Nothing betters Oatmeal as your regular choice

One pitch-in breakfast that is high on fiber, easy to prepare, needs few ingredients, and is high on nutrition is cold cereal or oatmeal with no more than 1 percent milk with a small handful of nuts thrown in. Oatmeal is a whole grain with a ever growing list of health benefits. Fix yourself a bowl every morning and you can lower your risk for high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. It could even help you in your weight loss plan and bad cholesterol management.

Since it’s so important to begin your day right with your body all perked up, oatmeal is an ideal choice as a healthy food for breakfast. A great source of fiber, it works well with nutritious toppings like fresh fruits slices, hearty nuts, and calcium-rich milk.

Eggs served with whole grain or wheat toast and fruit: Cue to change in your eats!

Another no frill meal with all the goodness you need to start your day is one or two boiled or poached eggs perched atop whole grain or wheat toast and fruit. With just 140 calories, two eggs serve you with 12 grams of quality protein, or 24 percent of the daily requirement for this nutrient on a 2,000-calorie diet. Add on like cheese, milk and vegetables raise the calorie count. The two orbs also provide you generous amounts of micronutrients, like 15 to 35 percent of the required value for several B vitamins and 25 percent of the minerals selenium and choline.

Meanwhile a slice of whole-wheat bread chips in another 76 calories and 4 grams of protein. Spreads using butter or jam could make the calorie count jumps. Whole grain varieties of bread that carry the additional benefit of fiber, help in filling up and keep your guts happy.

If you’re worried that with eggs for breakfast you could be jeopardizing your cardiac health, rest easy. While eggs are high in dietary cholesterol, their effect on cholesterol levels is minimal. But if you’re still worried about cholesterol, let go of the yolk and use egg whites instead which have only half the protein and fewer vitamins than whole eggs. The whites are cholesterol-free!

Breakfast burrito is here!!

What could be a more delightful way to begin your Sunday morning and break long food hiatus since last night than a mouthwatering burrito!! Stuffed with beans, eggs low-fat cheese and a high-fiber tortilla this could be your best bet for a great meal for a leisurely breakfast when you have that extra time to spare. With just under 200 calories in a full breakfast burrito, you can feast on one of these alongside some salsa, fresh fruit, and maybe a cup of coffee for a filling.

Generally, vegetarian burritos are more healthy because they’re filled with beans, rice, and veggies. The nutritional value of course depends on the ingredients you add. One that will push up the calorie count is sour cream. There’s hardly any difference between store-bought dairy and vegan versions.

Cottage cheese and fruit combination is all business when it comes to nutrition

Do yourself a favor and start eating this combination for your breakfast if you’re not already doing so. Refreshing and inexpensive it can be prepared with any kind of fruit. It’s high in many nutrients, including protein, B vitamins, and minerals like calcium, selenium, and phosphorus. If you’re looking to lose weight or build muscle, cottage cheese is among the most beneficial foods you can eat. Calorie for calorie, it is mostly just protein with very little carbohydrates and fat. Eating plenty of cottage cheese is a great way to boost your protein intake. It is also very satiating, making you feel full with a relatively low number of calories. Cottage cheese also helps in soothing your blood pressure, for it is a lower-fat cheese.

The recommended amount of this dairy per day is three 30g portions, but not cheese alone. It should also contain other dairy products like milk and yoghurt in a balanced diet.

Breakfast smoothies have everything

Smoothies could turn out to be an exquisite breakfast—it’s all about the ingredients and keeping reasonable portions. Super healthy breakfast smoothies are quick and easy to make, and of course,  are delicious too!

A healthy smoothie recipe is packed with protein, fiber, unsaturated fats, and essential vitamins and minerals. A supercharged smoothie tastes great, is meant to keep you full until lunchtime and includes these five essential nutrients.

Fruit Fruit has more to offer than simply adding sweetness. An excellent source of fiber and the “good carbs”  it serves as an excellent fuel source. Bananas for instance are a smoothie staple and pair well with an array of other fruits.

YogurtProtein is the missing link in many smoothie recipes, but adding a small amount of yogurt—just ¼ cup—kicks in extra six grams towards your daily goal.

Liquid All smoothies need a wee bit of liquid to combine properly. Unsweetened almond milk is one good choice but you can use any variety of unsweetened nut milk, freshly-squeezed orange juice, or just plain water.

Nut Butter: A scoop of your favorite nut butter would add satiating unsaturated fats and an incredible bang-for-your-buck nutrition.

Greens: Slip in a handful of greens into your smoothie for that extra dose of fiber and key vitamins and minerals. Tender, mild-flavored greens like baby spinach would just do great.   

Mix-ins: These are optional and include fresh herbs such as basil and mint or fresh ginger to give that extra punch to flavor without affecting nutrition.

Why should your breakfast never lack

Breakfast rallies importance for several reasons. A nutritious wholesome meal in the morning, it serves necessary fuel to our body and brain. It also helps regulate hunger and reduces the urge to snack intermittently throughout the day.

For a nutritious breakfast, try to choose whole unprocessed foods from each of these food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy. Include proteins from foods like yogurts (hunt for less sugar added versions), eggs, nuts and seeds or legumes. Also add complex carbohydrates such as whole fruits and vegetables, and whole grains (i.e. oatmeal) that provide fiber and help you feel full longer.

If you want to feel and look your best, always eat a proper breakfast to help get you off on the right foot. Carving out time to feed yourself nutritious foods in the morning gets your metabolism going strong and let’s your body know it’s okay to burn calories throughout the day.

After all, even if you love your morning spread as much as the person next to you, remember at some point of time you have to reign in your urge for fancy eats. Some of the answers to your search for nutritious food options and healthy fulfilling life may surprise you but then… You always eat some you always lose some.!!

Foods that count best on nutrition and won’t leave you size zero either!!

Everybody loves Sunday meal. But prep for the week ahead …making faces already!! Sometimes planning out meals each week can get a little monotonous and boring. But for those who rush out of home for a 8-10 hr job each day, meal prep for week ahead is how it begins on Sundays. It probably is the best suited way to keep track of your eats. It also sets of your week ahead with a healthy fresh mind set. Planning out your meals and stocking your refrigerator likewise could free you enough to look forward to your workouts for that week.

If you “fail to plan, plan to fail is imminent”!

When you plan your meals for the week ahead, not only you learn to resize the portion but also plan to fuel yourself with wholesome nutrition; foods that make you want to work that much more! To me it always rings sweet…’abs are made in kitchen’. You just need not tease your brain to know when your body looks for healthy food for endurance, strength and even weight loss .  

What foods to eat for an upright body

Plants do not eat. They make their own food under the sun. But animals and we humans are different. We all need to eat to live and grow. We have so many choices to make about what we eat. Some of these choices are healthier than others. Plant or animals, it’s the food that gives body the much required energy and what we decide to eat coincides with our stress levels.

Consider your food like invisible bits of energy that need to be consumed in right proportion. If you eat too much, extra calories turn into fat, if you eat too little it won’t be long when you become a bag of skin and bones.

Each one of us needs a different number of calories. It depends on how active you are. It depends on what size you are. And above all it depends on what you eat.

Nutrients are invisible but vital for your life 

You can’t see nutrients everybody talks so much about, but you cannot live without them either! What you eat provides you the nutrients and helps the body do its job. Each nutrient works differently. Protein makes your body grow and heal itself when you get hurt. Eating meat or fish could do the trick or you could get them from plants like bean and nuts.

Most of the energy that you get from food comes from carbohydrates. Starches like rice, wheat are good source of carbs. And so are the sugars found in fruits, milk honey etc.

These are natural sugars, a wee bit different from the refined sugar and are found in soft drinks and flavored fruit juices. Bad choice indeed.

Minerals have their hands full

Minerals or salts have too many jobs to take care of. Calcium for instance found in dairy products and greens builds up your frame and teeth. Salts like iron, sodium and zinc carry out vital body functions. Then body needs vitamins too. These work as catalyst to various physiological functions and are on high priority. Vitamin C for one keeps your gums healthy and is found in citrus fruits. Vitamin D works with minerals and helps you work out strong bones and teeth.

And then there is the resolute one; the water. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%. In fact every cell in our body is surrounded by water. It helps body to get rid of waste and stay at safe temperature.

Trust me, it is important to eat and more important to eat well. To eat healthy you need to follow a few simple rules. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Eat smaller amount of grains and dairy and proteins. Eat even smaller amounts of fat. Sweets and snacks are high on calorie, fare poor on nutrients and are your worst enemy. Take a strong vow and drop them from your list of regular eats.

Jump start your day with quality eats

Begin your day with a hearty breakfast that will fuel your energy levels. But,  no high fat or high calorie foods! You could settle for protein and fresh fruit to begin your day. If you get a large breakfast to your fill, mid morning snack turns optional. You may not get the hunger pangs till lunchtime.  Still if the belly protests, a bite or two of light snack won’t hurt.

Lunch is a great time to savor a pack of sandwich or leftovers that you can heat and eat. If you choose for a quick grab, buy a healthy clear soup or fresh veggie salad. A mid afternoon snack is elective. Just eat enough to tide you over till dinner time, a couple of hours away.

‘Any time’ Foods are chartbuster on nutrition counts

We love a good cheat every once in a while, but we are more comfortable indulging if we know that we’ve gotten our fill of essential vitamins and nutrients. To make sure that you’re getting enough of the good stuff, include these nine foods in your daily menu, and you may agree after a while that these simple and healthy foods work for real in a convincing way.


One of the best sources of proteins, eggs raise your metabolism fast enough to let you feel energized. However, if your cholesterol level is high, then ­consume only egg whites and not the yolk. Egg whites are a pure source of protein, and ideal if you want to lose weight.


Ever wondered why you crave most in the morning for sugary products like doughnuts? It is because this early morning snack attack is caused by dip in sugar levels. It’s almost 10 hrs since you ate last. Go for plain oatmeal. It gives you that healthy feeling of fullness and stays in your stomach for hours. It is an excellent choice if you want to curb and reduce belly fat.

High-Fiber Cereal

For maintaining a healthy body especially if you look forward to a flat tummy and push weight loss, cereal is your best option. It contains enough fiber to fill you up and keep your digestive system happy.


Like lentils, chickpea and beans too contain a sizeable amount of zinc. 100 gms of cooked lentils contain 12 per cent of the daily recommended value of zinc. Legumes on the other hand are rich in fiber and protein and also have phytates which inhibit absorption of zinc and other minerals. Moreover, include green beans in your salad and soups as well. The fiber of green beans helps manage blood sugar levels and you could ward off those afternoon sugar cravings.

Lean protein

Lean proteins help in speeding up the metabolism while encouraging body to burn more fat. Turkey, chicken breast, pork, and beef (with fat trimmed off, like ground roast, ground, sirloin, tenderloin, etc.) deliver muscle building protein sans much of saturated fat. This is where you can indulge and slake  your inner carnivore.

Cruciferous Veggies  

Veggies top the chart when it comes to stoking your daily calorie firepit. Low in calories, high in fiber and essential nutrients cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale, all work as anti-carcinogen by reducing oxidative stress and stimulating enzymes in the body that fights the toxins.


Banana is one of the easiest foods to indulge in as your daily diet because it is such a versatile food. Whip up a smoothie or throw one in your office bag for an on-the-go snack. High in potassium, the fruit helps in reducing the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. One medium size banana loads in more than 400mg of this micronutrient.


Whenever you get that crazy little pang of hunger in the middle of your work, go for nuts rather than gorge on junk food like chips and pizzas. Nuts like almonds, cashew and ­pistachios are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and have a low ­calorie count. Skip ­the salted ones though for too much of sodium could raise your blood pressure. Of course they’re full of heart-healthy goodness but their only downfall is high calorie counts. So just pick a small size serving and get the most of bang for your calorie buck.


The antioxidants in berries  (like strawberries and blueberries) block the enzyme responsible for ­breaking starch into simple sugar. This means fewer ­simple sugars are released into the blood stream, lowering the blood sugar and the ­corresponding insulin response. The key to your weight loss lies here!…. for insulin shuttles excess sugar into fat cells.

Perfect” one-size-fits all prep isn’t there

Whether you aim to raise your energy, lose weight, or to simply learn to eat a little better, you would do well to get organized in the kitchen and strike rich with your meal  prep. Simply create a meal plan and choose healthy flavorful eats that works best for you. After all living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult.  You should be in sync with it and have fun together!  Just step outside your comfort zone and try new healthy, nutritious eats without bothering about your waistline.

You will be amazed how small things make a world of difference!!

“I could never make heads turn” and I never rued for not being the object of desire.

People around me could never gather enough courage to say that they never found anything attractive in me, but somehow I knew. I was no freak and I had no great looks… at least not good enough to be an object of desire. I just couldn’t make heads turn..! I was the one who desired rather than be the one who was desired.

Still, it’s taken some getting used to.

I would be lying if I were to say that I didn’t miss the thrill of being wanted. The subtle pleasure of acquiescence to somebody’s needs, the opportunity to say ‘yes’ instead of being asked,  ‘would you’?

The other day, a man -friend of a friend, distantly acquainted sat next to me in a local coffee shop. I could never figure out this day why he said what he said a little while later in a low voice leaning across. I can never make out, if it’s the academics that make everything desirable or if it takes sensuality out of everything”. He held my gaze after he’s done. It occurred to me that he was mocking me. Not giving up…so I smile and say, “It’s probably a little bit of both” and lean in for just a moment. The brazen ugly sparkle in his eye bemused me… the way he took a jibe at me. Then I lean away again and say, “But it’s’ probably more of the former, because I am married, happily so and gotten everything I want from this happenstance.”

I felt uncomfortable for quite some time … It scared me. Are we so free to say about things that are so unshakeable part of how we are to ourselves?

Today, though it’s a relief. I have seen people hide the truth of aging over their lives, chasing the desires and fantasies that I have neither had the time nor the inclination for. This is my body and I live in it more happily than I would endure the awful things I’d need to do to make it appear young again!

That the years weigh heavily on me, is because they were good years lived well and I have no intention to bid farewell to good things that lit up my sky today… everyday.

I wonder what makes us yearn so fervently to be desired, to wear a charm mesmerizing enough to change moods and make heads turn. What stokes the fear of being left behind’ that would otherwise carve an emotional wreck out of us ? Is there a way out?

Slight Smiles, Head Tilts, Tousled Hair: what this ‘allure’ is all about!

When it comes to beguiling, your looks could make you incredibly appealing even if for a short while. But deep down, we all are attracted more to carriage than other elements.

Humans are not as mysterious as they think. We have fairly expressive facial and body language cues to reveal our inner thoughts. Smile amongst them serve best in igniting the attraction even though it is not a definite facial cue.

The truth behind attraction rings differently for different persons.  I have always regarded it as a kind of invention. I think of it as an irresistible force to which we usually are in so thrall that we ignore its power to limit our choices. When we desire for someone, this all-consuming feeling turns overwhelming.  And when we become icons of attraction, we begin to fulfill all the slush fantasies.

Maybe… this is how it is meant to be. An overwhelming desire for another person stemming from a good deal of good looks!.

“If you knew the secret of Life, you too would choose, no other companion but Love”.- Rumi

It’s hard to believe in crush at first sight,  but I do believe in desire at first sight and I also believe that the knowledge of how to look attractive “has the highest regard and selling price tagged to it these days.

The inevitable business of finding happiness begins right here, something that is so hard to come by that we just couldn’t find it once for all and keep it safe in our pockets! Weirdly, as we chase it in seemingly brighter spots outside of us, describing happiness has turned complicated and experiencing it even more expensive.

The world is changing and so are we…looking for honest answers to how to be a head turner.

Searching for Answers in happiness sales!!

I am not getting into details of the trillions spent in selling happiness, but isn’t it true that every year with an increase in happiness sales (beauty products, luxury possessions, marquee outfits), the incidences of mental health concerns are only rising?

I find that our biggest mistake is that we have come to commercialize the path to happiness. From buying confidence swelling beauty products to selling vacuum cleaners to a happy family, all are there with the sole purpose to catch an eye and externalize happiness.

The joke is on us. It exists for free and not far, within each one of us. Haven’t we overrated our sense of happiness? Aren’t there so many other emotions to embrace besides this blind hunt to look great?

It could be the very cause of unhappiness!

I looked beyond grudges

My woes would have had lived on if I were to keep raking myself with this one single thought. What could possibly be wrong with me? Why people do not find me attractive enough to be desirable? Instead I chose not to shoot myself in the feet and  went about living a life aging gracefully and chasing desires and pursuits I never would have thought to be such a joy…the thrill of wanting myself…the joy of yielding to somebody’s needs.

Beyond the man made myth of finding joys in unseen lands, I realize that I am actually happier today for having struck fascination to myself.

It all adds up. Being okay with both the troughs and crests and not demanding highs alone, is all about growing subtly in life. I withdrew from this mindless chase to be wanted’ one out of a hundreds of emotions, glamorized and boldly coveted. I probably saved myself from pitching into dark depths of depression, anxiety and other inconsolable personal and social challenges.

Believe me, we cannot be happy “at all times”. That would be a manic behavior. But once you realize that it’s not inlooksbut in the meaningwe put to it that we find or miss this amazing emotion. The more we see it in what we have” and appreciate “what is”, the easier it is to find it.

After all I could succeed in hoodwinking my identity crisis!!


Not everything’s always about looks.!!

Being attractive to other people is not always dependent on how we look. How many times have we seen the attraction go flying out of the window, the moment he or she opens his or her mouth? Truth is…the key to everything that fascinates others lies within us.

Find out what could make people find you awesome and more attractive- beyond the physical.

Sometimes even science can’t convince me. The most important characteristic is also the most basic. If I were to ask you what quality would you prefer most in a person, wouldn’t it be … kindness? Predictably, this is one positive sentiment that is shared right across the board and perhaps one benevolent choice that could make heads turn in appreciation.

This is kind of baffling!!.. because no where would you find advice on how to be niceexcept that we’d all be so much better off simply by being kind rather than spending hours in front of the mirror. And it doesn’t take a lot to reveal this. Being on time, letting the other order first and choose where to sit and being polite to the waitress… these small acts of kindness are clear ways to show that you are concerned…. and in all probability kind too.

But isn’t it true that when it comes to make a choice, it’s what the other person represents and symbolizes is more compelling and attractive? None of us would miss the opportunity to be rather the one that others look upon us to be, than judge ourselves the way we truly are.

Believe me, we all would readily gift ourselves this much of concession whenever the need arise.

The ultimate hunt : It’s ‘nice’ and ‘sensible’ that finish first

When men think of a companion they imagine a woman who is open for adventure, sensual and cares little or nothing for what others think of her. These are the women who prefer to play by their own rules and live by their share of ikigai.

Women also have their share of stumbling when it comes to being hearty in their priorities. Sensible choices manifest in laboratories only. It’s a bit different in real life. Slave to habits, women usually have a hard time breaking cycles of poor choices and keep falling for the wrong kind of guy. Even after they get burned they would go out and do it again.

Sadly, expectations do sometimes turn into ruined intentions. In a world where we endure a monotonous life with an overwhelming number of rules and regulations, we find allure of even bad mates as incredibly appealing. Sometimes the temporary excitement that this fascination represents is too much to just let go..

So, how do you find preference over others, when you know that people may doubt what they see in you but will believe what you do?

The fastest way to do this happens only if you turn yourself into a bundle of curiosity and start learning a few simple but rewarding tricks.

These three simple actions are the recipe to quick and amazing results. Follow them and you could actually redefine yourself as more attractive a person besides your looks, to be the right choice for those who prefer a healthy and everlasting relationship.

Forget playing it cool.

Even speed dating events – where decisions are made in mere matter of minutes- simple interest builds up attraction. So how to make heads turn and others take notice of you? Listen closely, inquire moderately, hold your tongue so that you appear more polite and less inquisitive and ask questions that are witty but not frivolous. Believe me, these are known to work like an aphrodisiac!!.. could kindle a flame in your companion and in all probability make the other person find you more attractive than ever before.

Consider body movements.

These simple muscle flexing activities are controlled by the limbic part of the brain, the one that is responsible for our feeling of fascination, attraction and eventually love. Leaning towards the other person, smiling, keeping eye contact, are the three positive body actions that needs no words to build a connect to your advantage.

A smile is worth more than a thousand words.

“The things  I found most beautiful about a person are almost never physical”. # Slickwords

A positive personality always bridge emotions and physical attractiveness. It’s not groundbreaking of course but men are indeed attracted to pleasant, cheerful and positive women. These personality attributes blend easily not only because of their intense physical appeal but because they carry social attraction as well- a key issue when it comes to choosing a soul mate.

Of course, a lot depends on the context of the man in question, his age, maturity level, relationship status, and current needs in life— just a few of the many factors that are key to his attraction toward women.

This isn’t to say that you need to put on a happy face 24/7, but if you focus on being friendly and are open to meeting new people, it’s a win-win. Wisely put it’s all about having a open mind, warm heart and longing soul behind a smiling face that makes the day for those who are in the fray to win.

The truth holds something more respectful for a woman. It’s her unique hobbies, skills and interests that make her more attractive as a relationship partner. There certainly is no need for her to be the same as everyone else to be attractive. Being herself is always a much better choice. The more she could demonstrate her true self, the more she could make a man feel as if he has met the most wonderful person of his lifetime.

Happiness is actually is one most attractive emotion expression and a smiling face draws admiration all round. A scowling one definitely isn’t the right choice for anybody to draw attention let alone win over appreciation. When you smile and generally look happy, you look more open and less intimidating.

Remember…a smile could move mountains!!

Down to basics of attraction

Deep down, do guys really prefer nice women?

Yes, but men strongly associate nice woman as one who is not twice as funny, exciting and open as they fantasize.  Of course this is not meant to be a blanket statement and often not true, but then perception is everything.

And how could a girl attract a nice guy?

The best she could do is to demonstrate alluring qualities of a bad girl as imagined to have, without actually being bad. Its not a hard guess to know what guys want. She could show that she is open to trying new things, love being funny, adventurous, exciting, and has a sensual side too, without staging all the drama that a typical male fantasy brings to the table. The more she could portray these while still being the one elusive nice girl, the more she could make a man feel weak at knees.

For men, the excitement of an adrenaline rush would not be easy to pass by.

Don’t let go of people who could make you smile, laugh and feel loved

Being and remaining attractive to other person could be hard when you are looking for a long term relationship. Even in a new one, finding ways to spruce up your attraction don’t come easy. But, lesser attraction doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed. If you run out of luck to look attractive to your partner despite having tried different techniques, its time to revisit your relationship.

Sometimes attraction thins away when we ignore what we have faltered in.

It’s all about priorities and deciding what one truly wants in life. Once we come to terms with the poor choices that we make while trying to look amazing to other and what we truly want in the other person instead, we can help ourselves and make the right decisions. Could there ever be a better emotional reward for us than to turn compelling and truthful in our choices?

Being attractive and building upon a soulful relationship has its own share of sins and doesn’t come easy. You need to take time off to get to know the other person, change from strangers to friends and see them in every single light you ever wanted in the first place.

So, learn to revel in your true self and the better side of you will find ways to reveal itself… beyond physical of course.

With any luck you might find the mysterious connection of being attractive –inside out more rewarding than you would have ever thought.

Winning over a heart is no big deal if you know what it takes to make you ‘so desirable’

You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.” – Oscar Wilde

You could be a good looking person with a fair iota of intellect yet you secretly marvel at the ease with which your BFF earns attention than chasing it.

Or you could be in the midst of your admirers and still reel in awe over his or her ability to get the heads turning.

But when have you ever been yourself …just what you loved in the first place?

There is nothing more unappetizing than that desperate urge that comes with needing the approval of others. We all have felt it at one time or the other. If you constantly try to assure yourself and barge into other’s lives for the sake of being noticed then you are not the standout choice to be reckoned seriously. Attention earned without begging for it is what I call admiration and the one that you get by throwing yourself at others face is no better than a sign of pity.

Is it difficult to be compelling?

The good news is that being desirable, stealing someone’s heart or even storming into it isn’t as complicated as you would think!! So long as you are honest to yourself and treat the people around you well…. heads will turn. Of course, not everyone around you will look your way but you will draw attention of the type of people that are there for the right reason… to enhance your life.

Some of the biggest decisions we make in our lives are driven by desire to draw attention. We look for things that appeal us most even if we can’t explain why a particular person seems more attractive than others.

So if you are looking for ways to make yourself a standout choice for a warm heart- so discreetly drawn to you and un-apologetically storm into it, consider following these powerful yet easy to follow choices that go beyond the physical;

Closet your sorrows and look happy

Too often we fall shy of our passions and hobbies… ashamed how others may judge us for them. What we don’t realize that by doing this we make ourselves more boring and unappealing. We believe that hiding ourselves like this is one way to impress others around us. But bruised conscience is what makes people see through that false perfection. It isn’t about being perfect, it’s about impressing people with what you truly are. So drop that scowl and smile… .Your genuine self is more endearing and attractive than you would have thought. It’s generally regarded as sexist and patronizing when we are told how we should look in our faces. Obviously this hurts .One should never be told how one’s face should look but it does give an insight to what  is meant  when we say  ‘I would find you more attractive if you smiled’.

Happiness is actually is one most attractive emotion expression and a smiling face mirrors your state of your mind. A scowling one definitely isn’t the right choice for you to draw any attention let alone win over somebody’s heart.

So when you smile and generally look happy, you seem more open and less intimidating. It certainly helps if you look like you are not going to reject immediately. If you want to be approached then you should look approachable. For once just flash a warm smile and you will find a compassionate heart right under your nose in no time. All it needs is to open your heart for others.

And remember…a smile could move mountains!!

Help yourself with a great sense of humor

There is no denying that humor is important for both sexes but in different ways. Even by modest standards, gals are drawn easily to a man who is funny, makes them laugh or at least listen to lighten the mood. Guys’ choices on the other hand find favor with a gal who thinks he is funny and will laugh at his jokes. Whatever… it works great if you give the other a break, laugh politely howsoever terrible and unfunny the joke might be. Just laughing a bit helps both feel good.

Your excitement could ruin the vibe

It’s normal to get excited with the hope of a massive emotional reward . You consider this ‘important’ as the idea of getting ‘connected’ to somebody makes you feel special… the mere act of bringing it to life couldn’t be more thrilling.

However, the excitement and idea of ‘falling in love’ is usually short-lived. What allows you to really dig into it, get good at it and reach some level of success, rests on one basic attribute- modesty.  Be generous with it – though some of us find it an ugly trait for those who wish to shine. And restrain your ‘excitement’ even if it means being uncomfortable and smily ..all at the same time. How often would you find a person who would admire your little weird habits, pick up your dirty pieces and still say they like you at the end of the day?    

So… go gentle with your thrill experience .Your quest to find somebody who can make you laugh, smile , grow, want, crave, feel, make you mad but happy will have a perfect end.

Be ‘nice’ and ‘natural’

One predictable behavior that makes people find you attractive is .. you are nice’. You wouldn’t have found a guy who would confide; I’m so into her because she’s a shrew!”?  or a gal who would  jump around gossiping; hey! I fell for him because he is a jackass!”? Just as much gals won’t consider dating a jerk, guys probably won’t prefer a sulking grouch either. Being genuinely nice to people around you is what makes you more attractive than those who either don’t care or just don’t find it worthwhile to dig any further.

So, if you want ‘somebody’ nice to enter your life, be who you want to attract. People who are kind are attracted to like-minded and are turned off by morons.  Be polite, say ‘thank you’, listen attentively, don’t take anything for granted ,be your natural self… and eyes around you will start rolling admiringly.

Another interesting fallacy that makes us  so desirable, is equally perplexing. Gals tend to wear far more makeup thinking that guys like and would find them attractive and end up with way more of it than guys think they should. For guys less is always more, wear too much of it and you have jinxed it even before it all began. Nothing is anymore different for guys either. Rage of stylized haircuts, reeking deos , high-fashion clothing and accessories, offensive breath and you have begun on the wrong note.

It helps to have a great Life plan

Ambition and goal are the two most desirable attributes that make people follow people. These make you think about what you want to achieve and how you will get there. That you are capable of making informed decisions and a have sense of control over life, makes you the right choice to be desirable and attractive. Your willingness to consider other choices shows that you are capable of compromise and make other people want to go on the journey with you.

Spoil yourself

Most of us spend our adolescence and early 20’s for some kind of a forever’ love, one that is enchanting and mesmerizing.. one that we could melt ourselves into to be happy and ..loved.  That’s so insane!!

We all are blessed with an uncanny sense to spot those who fail to take care of themselves and always lean on someone to ‘complete’ them without lifting a finger to be ‘complete’ on their own.

Don’t let yourself be dragged into this. It’s miserly and lonely. Learn to be okay all by yourself. Eat healthy and to your fill, Exercise if you may and find things that makes you happy and joyous. Listen to those nice things that you have always wanted others to tell you. Be kind to yourself for who else is more worthy of it than you? And remember… self care doesn’t stop even when you are single. Push hard and make it your daily practice.. for you do not want a relationship  you want one to last you a lifetime.

Stop worrying

No need to worry if you keep striking and miss out miserably. It could be just because you’re choosing the wrong ones at the wrong times. More likely it could be something to do with you.

Now is the time to make a new beginning. Mend your ways and find peace with yourself. With some little reminders you can start doing things differently and see where that takes you. It’s always so easy to fall in love but so hard to find someone who could catch you.

Whatever… there’s always that one. And when you find them, you will get to know.

Two reasons why every takeaway of pandemic is not as disastrous

Hope is a renewable option: If you run out of it at the end of the day, you get to start over in the morning.” – Barbara Kingsolver

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” -Madam Curie

The analogy of things

I happened to sneak peek a diary penned by a close friend of mine, a tech graduate who had worked as a computer professional with a MNC for two straight years and then one fine morning found himself up rooted with nowhere to go. His story smarted of nothing short of torment and humiliation.

Rightly so, for mayhem is different this time and impact will continue to ravage the world for some more time to come. Millions like him have raced against the time to self preserve.

the verdict has finally sunk in…. The biggest takeaway of this crisis is going to be not sports or glamour, but health and family; not politics or social order but predictable actions and social justice? For once we have been shown that what happens to one of our kind in Wuhan, can humble stock exchanges around the globe and even kill leaders and Army commanders in Iran.

The virus has shut down markets, museums, theaters, clubs forcing fashion shows to draw curtains and talk shows to play to empty halls. On March 12th this year, an Olympic gold medalist had lit the torch for a small, private audience and then had run through trees …alone.

Today, as lockdown continues, every morning I could only greet the danger that lurks outside. Absence of annoying ruckus in streets, people in shopping malls and even small grocery shops is strangely menacing. The virus has cornered our lives and …it is terrifyingly real! More than a million families have already lost someone and we couldn’t tell them that this had to happen.

Most of us would agree that the virus has left us with little choice but to keep reminding ourselves that  tomorrow could be a wonderful day; that no matter how bad things are they will end somehow at some point of time.

ot just everything is lost. The flip side of this crisis has also borne some interesting green shoots for us which will help shape the mosaic of our future lives in an interesting way.

Here’s how.

Climate for once smells healthy

Many environmentalists had predicted the year 2020 to be the year when global carbon emissions could begin to decline. And now it’s happening at a scale none of us could have imagined, though it feels like nothing to cheer

The Chinese carbon footprints- the world’s largest emitter- have mercifully shrunk by a quarter as the country sharply scaled back its heavy industries in a bid to combat the virus. Electricity demand and air pollution have plummeted in EU nations while global air traffic has hit a dead-end.

Of course there is nothing good about reducing emissions like this. It can always shoot back once the crisis is over and life begins to turn to normal. If this happens, climate goals could go for a toss once the nations scramble to put their economies back on rails. What if the Oil prices remained low? Wouldn’t that mean spike in consumption and an enormous strain on environment?

But I think that it need not be that dismaying either

The Governments can always put climate at the center of their recovery plans. Bailout packages and stimulus could offer tax credits for renewable energy and electric vehicles and include investments in green infrastructure projects like energy storage facilities, E-vehicle charging stations, solar and wind farms  etc.

To make a bounce back like that of 2009,  bailouts and stimulus need to  roll out some harsh guidelines to cut emissions. This in turn could stave off what current science calls ‘climate catastrophe’.

Whatever rational the people who govern, rake up to exemplify their Covid efforts, it’s only the Will over Wisdom that will demonstrate the fate of what we breathe and how we breathe.

Renewed concern for public health and social security is now in focus

For now, public health concerns are overshadowing and that’s a good thing. But as we start rebuilding our lives- whenever the virus backs off- we need to do it in a way so that far more deaths and sufferings are prevented to happen in future. It would be so foolish of us not to take advantage of this opportunity and roll out capable and sustained governance.

Now is the time more than ever to build a better world for workers. Protections like paid sick leave and healthcare assurance could go well with the most vulnerable among us. It’s time to set aside  the brutal and punishing changes  brought about by the capitalism of the past and work together to rebuild a life in which everybody learns to be human.

For the sake of hundreds of desperate Venezuelan refugees  living in desert shacks in a Colombian border city, migrants of tent city on Mexican border, hapless  children trapped on  Mellila the tiny piece of Europe on the coast of North Africa and half a billion strong migrant workers across the Indian subcontinent, to name a few ;It’s time we paid reparations to those who suffered, it’s time we made amend to what we had left unattended.

For these deprived millions, this world is the only place to live, call and remember as their Home.

Follow these enduring insights and you can make yourself more creative than you really are

Different times, difficult terrain and a defiant adversary; it’s time to toughen up and get ready for a face off, more with the fear inside than the virus. What you choose from these timeless insights will decide where you will be a year from now.

The World is no longer the same. A new normal has kicked in. Prologue to pandemic has faded and has left us bewildered and clueless. Rough patches lie ahead, we all know that. Best we can do is to survive through the remaining chapters. As we live out a different life each day, we struggle to catch up with the answers to many things, unsure and hapless.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending -Maria Robinson.

I had hung my boots a year ago. It took me a while before  I could decide to set about rediscovering my life, learn about so many things, discover how to be creative and productive, be useful, self manage and to be mindful of all that that happens around us; something I had missed so badly through all those years.  You would say I rather redesigned my life.

Today, it all seems irrelevant..  a brisk morning walk has turned into a  masked  effort to stay  fit, social distancing has marred relationships, virus is behaving disruptively -certainly not good enough to get us  through the pandemic. 

It is impossible to have a  marquee system of sorts to get you through the crisis.  Possibly, for this reason alone I find it helpful to hang on to a few thoughts of my own in moments of doubt. Of course I don’t expect them to solve my problems but at least they remind me that not everything is  lost on me. They save my day by the changing the course of my thoughts .

I have  found comfort in these ageless insights… words of wisdom that I hope could bring some relief  to you too They could change the way you comprehend  things happening around  you. Maybe make you take a turn for good even if just a little .

Don’t be afraid:  You are never alone

To be alone is scary enough but to be alone in isolation even if it is home, sounds all the more frightening. Loneliness eats into your senses- a prolonged one and it will invade your sanity and leave you a mental wreck.

The price of being in emotional darkness for too long is too high. But then there are possible ways how you could view your physical seclusion. Truth is you are never alone. If you believe in God, you have all the reason to experience the ‘divinity’ if you don’t , well!!… you still  have your best friend in you. Who is there to stop you from helping yourself with unconditional self compassion? Besides there is no one to take away your cell phone, Face book, Twitter, Zoom or Google Duo. Of course it lacks intimacy, nothing like the one you experience meeting others face to face. But it all is enough to remind you that  you are not alone.

Whatever you do just don’t miss the happiness of your own company!!

Stop worrying for what you could not control

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”—Vivian Greene.

In our everyday life some of us have that passionate urge to resist the truth and turn ourselves into control freaks. We often  refuse to delegate and  live with the idea that if we can have some sort of control over  other people and situations, we could  well prevent bad things from happening.

But brutal truth  is different. You just cannot have control over so many things happening in life. A storm may surge in, a high tide may ruin your living room, but you can do nothing about it except hold on to  your precious self  to be safe.

The virus invaded us uninvited and that’s the reality. It left us with no choice but  to accept that there is only so much we can control and no more.

Not much you can do about it here, except to turn to the wisdom of those who survived in extreme situations and later thrived. So many lived through the Holocaust and managed to find happiness later on.

Think of how these people thought and behaved and turned up wonderfully alive and happy. When you cannot change the world around you to your liking, adjust yourself. It’s the only way forward. Deep within you rests happiness. All you need to do is to reach out for it even if for a few moments, each day.

Don’t waste yourself by indulging in blame game

“Be the energy  you want to attract”-Dustin W. Stout.

Many of us are truly upset about the way things are handled in pandemic times. Governments are getting cornered for not being serious enough in their efforts. Pent up emotions by the twitterati  endlessly slam and mock them, leaving little room for things that matter.

A few of us find a hint of humor in this but focusing too much doesn’t help much anyway. Stay connected to this thread and you are wasting your energies like anything, so precious now to be frittered away uselessly.

Instead, think of the way to improve . There are so many better things waiting to happen. Ride the change by focusing on what you do and what you can do and not how others have failed in accomplishing things.

It’s futile, you just cannot change people by attacking them or ridiculing them for what they didn’t do or did so little.

Rather lead by an example. Play your part in keeping everybody safe and remember, Tough times do not last forever but what you do always do.

Change possibility into opportunity:

This could be the moment !!

Life was so wonderful before it all began and when it happened, like everybody else I also focused on all that that we had  lost and what more we could lose.

I had moved to this city almost a year before the lock down. I was beginning to find my place in the neighborhood. Local community was  warm and friendly. I had started to revel being free. An amazing new life was just taking shape.

Then, the virus took it away.

I wonder and ask myself   what this pandemic has disabled us  from doing. Few would argue that it changed the way the life flourished for us, yet a few would claim a new world order has begun to take shape where life as we knew would never be the same. Damn dismaying thought. But what lies on the flip side of it? What if we start looking for possibilities that the crisis has brought in its wake? Difficult to say what are those for you, because situation is different for each one of us but of one thing I am damn sure. There are more possibilities in each moment than you realize. All you need to do is to look for them and grab them. Rest assured everything else will fall in place by itself.  Trust me, the goodness of change will be worth it. Tough times never last forever.  Now is the time to hang on to the opportunities in this crisis driven weakness.

Nature has its own way of changing things

You’ll never find a better sparring partner than adversity.” – Golda Meir

The change is happening around us in a big way, rather too big to make any sense out of it. We were never prepared for anything like this and nobody knows how things will take shape in future; what will be the ‘New World’ like in few months from now. Will we able to plan our summer holidays like before? What about kids, parents, evening with friends, the changing neighborhood? Whatever, it’s time not to understand things but rather ride the change. It’s time to live life one day at a time with hope, for hope is the only thing left  now to lean on.

s not just a wishful thinking- one that is so easy to happen of its own though it glimmers more in troubled times. It comes with  an array of active choices too; choice of  actions, beliefs and attitudes, one that could  give you the best shot to sail you through all this madness, a little less scattered, a little less hurt.

None of us has the slightest clue to what the world will look like a few months from now. Even the most knowledgeable are at a loss. So stop trying and simply surf the wave. Don’t hold expectations for what happens tomorrow. Just live the change. Let go of the control for once. It could be scary but remember, you just cannot plan your way into tomorrow.

It’s better to surrender to change, pay attention to what’s happening around you and learn. The lessons from today shall serve you well tomorrow.

Like all bad times this crisis will not last long

Whenever we find ourselves in the middle of a crisis, we tend to forget that like difficult times it will not last forever and fixate on how it has harmed us. We forget that everything that has a beginning has an  end also. Every feeling, thought, sensation begins with an end in sight. Nothing is permanent. No matter how bad things are, they are not going to be with us always and will end somehow at some point.

Whenever you feel helpless or worse still hopeless just think of this single thought and see amazing things begin to happen. More so, it will keep you going a long way for there is always a chance that tomorrow could be a wonderful day.

It’s time to get tough, for our future is now trapped into an endless algorithm of ifs and buts. You may find these uncertain times as a reason to worry or consider it worthwhile to jump into an infinite pool of possibilities.

Who knows one day one of them may become your reality!!

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