My name is Sharat Misra and I live in Lucknow, India. I grew up as the youngest of the three siblings and was also one of the twenty three grandchildren from both the sides. Accustomed to being around strictly and primarily adult dominated environment, I turned mature quickly following my father’s demise. I had just turned twelve . Life felt so distant and strange then.  I would often get annoyed by my own friends and view them freaky enough to be best avoided. As I grew up, not many people chose to invest in me though l excelled in most of my varied hobbies including studies.

I graduated in Science stream, but chose to pursue post graduation in another major .You may call this a twist of quest for knowledge. As I began to tire of pressures of higher expectations from those around me, my extracurricular activities  took a complete break. Once  I had completed the Post graduation, I  got enrolled for a research program. I had topped the class merit in PG and this was the year 1982. Came the  year 1986 and I was bestowed with Doctorate of Literature degree in International Affairs. The research work was widely acclaimed as it centered on the military strategic analysis of the then two Super Powers in the Indian Ocean with Diego Garcia at the center of polarized power alliances.

The same week I was inducted into the Banking Services of a PSU Bank. Life has a strange way of revealing choices.

After 33 yrs of stint in a senior supervisory role as one of the most dynamic and admired employee, I now revel in my freedom in second innings of life along with my spouse. My only son of 26 yrs. is currently a software lead engineer in a major IT Company in India.

Drawing folklore paintings, gardening, reading and writing are now the most avid passions that I enjoy. And what better place to share my life time experiences than a blogging platform with an enormous outreach.

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