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Hate Mondays? You can still beat your Monday blues and let the good times roll again!

“It’s back again!””Monster day is here!””Bless me, it’s Friday only!” “Let’s get this 9-5 out of the way!” or “Still stuck with your 24/7 passion at work?”

How often we hear telling this insanity to ourselves or to others. Sometimes we say with conviction, at others with little wit or a meme but most often with restrained disdain. “Monday blues” are in fact best described as the barb that many people experience at the beginning of the workweek, largely because they are not happy at work. Depression, tiredness, hopelessness and an inkling that work is unpleasant but unavoidable is what triggers pangs of anxiety, sadness and stress as you grudgingly move towards your desk after a restful weekend.

But why Mondays are such a drag? Why do you have to put up with a terribly freakish downhearted choice that has no escape?

Many would easily laugh it off as just the way things are!”, but this is more than just a passing weariness; a warning sign that not everything is right at work.

So, do you start your workweek all overwhelmed and bored, stressed and unhappy? Are you sluggish, drag your feet and not fired up? If you’re unwilling to get down to business or don’t want to but have to keep smiling then you sure have lost out toLunaediesophobia or simply put The Monday bug‘!

Let’s put it the other way; if you love your job and are passionate about it, Monday morning ought to be reckoned as an opportunity to do what you love most. On the contrary, if the idea of starting yet another seemingly endless workweek cracks you up and gets you all worked up, it’s only because you’re feeling down and not hungry anymore to be productive.

Monday blues! Mundane Mondays! Scary Monday! It’s isn’t only about sadness in your head. Your dislike for 9-5 job isn’t a pop psychology invention, but hints of a more serious condition characterized by feelings of helplessness and crash. We’ve all been there and like everybody else I too have sensed that clammy dread as the weekend draws near leaving us with a sinking sense of downturn.

Often finding myself sluggish and tense and overwhelmed on a new week start, I desperately dug around and found these six incredibly powerful yet easy ways to offload my wicked feelings letting me stay 2 steps ahead of my oddity.

Give it a shot if you do not wish to unhinge, have set your heart to fix the jinx and would love some good times to roll in once again!

Unplug for now- It’s fun time!

Image source: Pixabay.com.

Give your mail box a miss, if possible over the weekend especially since you’re not going to respond till Monday anyways. Handing out yourself something to feel unsettled and scattered, only adds to your exhaustion. True, it’s tempting to know what’s waiting for you, but drawing line between personal and work times does keep things in check. When you leave Office on Friday eve, cast aside your work issues for a while. Don’t let anything creep into your off-time. It’s time to have fun and rejuvenate!

Don’t let the candle burn at both ends

You have slogged all through the work week just to be free for weekend partying. In truth you have actually earned yourself some space and time to relax. But don’t forget that coming Monday can be extra stressful from work that has potentially piled up from the week gone by and for many it could challenging to jump right back in!

To ride over the Monday morning anxiety, get rid of uncomfortable and awful tasks as far as possible by Friday afternoon itself. By taking care of things you least want to handle at the end of one workweek, you simply make the start of next one much easier.

Come Monday morning and get all unpleasant assignments done as early as possible so that you don’t spend rest of the day feeling as if a black cloud is hanging over your head! Clean up the mess fast and you’ll feel a lot better once it’s over. No reason why you should axe your off-time or peace even on as dreadful a day as Monday.

‘Forty winks’ will make you fine and full of beans!

Image source: Pixabay.com.

It’s probable that you have spent the entire weekend and Sunday eve partying around, but overdoing that could be overwhelming! If you’re running only a couple of hours sleep, it’s highly likely that you’re not going to feel good on next daybreak. Jittery and all scattered you won’t feel good about going anywhere when the alarm goes off on Monday morning.

To make things work out smoothly, it’s good to go to bed a little early on Sunday night and get enough of sleep. You’ll wake up well rested on Monday morning, all revved up to face the World with a zing. An extra 15-30 minutes early rise could make your Monday morning actually a lot easier. Having a little more ofme time makes the shift from crazy clubbing and wild bashes to work place setting a bit more comfortable. Simply stay unstrapped oftime crunch’. This way you could spare yourself some time to enjoy breakfast, do exercise or even take your dog for a short walk. In fact, you’ll feel more centered for the rest of the day.

If that’s not enough at least sell this idea to yourself; I’m not a robot that just sleeps and works. I’ll do nicer things to me for I deserve a better deal”. You’ll be amazed to see how things fall into place all by themselves.

Bring smile to someone

Getting smile on someone’s face or doing something nice for somebody actually helps lift your spirits. Remind yourself to do some good as soon as you get to work on Monday. This will also work around to shift the overall mood around you at work!

See… the best way to cheer yourself up is to make someone else go happy. Compliment a colleague, be nice to your client, help out a stranger on the street or find a way to make someone else’s day a little better and see  how miraculously you ride through your work day all free and easy and lively!

Have heart for fun at work place

Things and actions as small as bringing donuts to your colleague, taking a quick break to catch up with a friend in the Office, sharing weekend escapades with co workers, are great fun and a big way to strengthen  connects within the four walls where nothing is a reason good enough to cut loose and doodle. A weekly Monday coffee break or lunch time with friends would be just as great. Unknowingly in turn you create an event that you love most. You’ll look forward to all the Mondays as a way to break up the day with moments of good times. At least you’ll have a chance to take a deep breath, hang around and talk, pull-up and gather your wits again for the rest of the day.

Line up post-work bustle

Once you start your work week with anattitude of gratitude”, you will begin to appreciate things that you enjoy most about work. Surprisingly without you realizing, it kicks off even before you get to work! You use Monday as the day to wear your favorite outfit to look good, feel good and be complimented. Half the battle for Monday morning is already won when you begin to feel good about yourself. It makes you all jazzed up to face work with confidence than be deflated by it.

But is that all you’ve planned for the day? Shouldn’t you be looking forward to something after you’ve slogged through the day desperately trying to get over with the pile of things?

The day doesn’t have to be all about getting up to the go to the Office and trudging deep. Make your Monday a special day where you go out with friends post-work, fix-up your favorite dinner or catch up on your favorite Netflix soap you’ve missed so dearly with a bowl of popcorn, bucking up the rest of your evening.

It’s always good to take a little more of downtime. Things will always perk up like never before!

Image source:’How to deal with Monday blues for your employees’ in fibe.in.

On Sunday afternoons or early Sunday evenings, the thought of waking up on Monday morning and the slog lying ahead all through the work week, would zap the joy out of my rest of the day. As the weekend would near it’s end, my mood also would plummet. The dread of a monstrous upcoming workweek would take the wind out of my sails.

This is when I clearly began to see the warning signs of a downturn and resolved for a turn around that I had endured so far. Things changed quickly thereafter and became encouraging. I was getting excited and energized even on monstrous Monday mornings, not just tired and depressed any longer.

Guess, I had hit thegold dust’ for good!